About VideoMako

We are a company offering a subscription based video editing platform, designed to help you produce more video content. Our passionate video editors would more than love to turn your video content into a masterpiece! We have 4 main core values:

  1. GROWTH – We offer all of our employees growth development sessions every month to maintain the high standard at our company. This enables us to keep motivated and hit our goals for each quarter.
  2. TRUST – Here at VideoMako, we develop relationships that make a positive difference in our customers’ lives.
  3. COLLABORATION – We work together collectively to offer as much value as possible to our customers.
  4. HONESTY – We are an open group of people who will be real throughout, and what you see is what you get.


Our Founder

Ben Graham founded VideoMako to enable video creators to outsource their editing needs. He has worked alongside 50+ creators with millions of followers, and attracted over 10 million views as a content creator. Ben worked as a freelance video editor for over 4 years & has had a passion for filming video content since the age of 13. Upon receiving too many video edits to handle alone, he started a private video editing agency with a team of 5, helping over 125 different video creators to achieve greatness! His first business was founded in 2013, which generated over £2,000,000 in revenue at the age of 16. Ben helps the video editors on his team grow professionally, and has hand-picked them himself to show the best results. Find out more about Ben Graham here. (coming soon)

Our Vision

We want to change the way the video editing industry works. Through our clients investment in us, we will work to provide video editors around the globe with a sustainable income that most video editing jobs do not provide. Our main goal is be known as the go-to video editing platform, for content creators & small business owners to utilize. We would love over 5,000 creators to benefit from our platform by the end of 2021.